See what Customers are Saying

See what Customers are Saying
Barbara A.

Everything, all the food is delicious and huge portions. I highly recommend

Chelsey H.

Food is excellent! Love ordering take out from here! Plus they have a free poker night on Thursdays and Saturdays!

Robert W.

Friendly employee's and great homemade food

Felix R.

Great food, Great music,Great atmosphere!!!

Sylvia J.

First time order online, went smooth , order was delivered with a smile, thank you for a delicious dinner, absolutely the best marinara sauce, pizza was great too

Charles S.

Great food. Great service. Good atmosphere. Really great owner.

Chris P.

Good food homemade bread nice people

Dolores L.

I had baked Ziti and Teresa had spaghetti with meat was incredible!! I'm going to say it's the best I've had. I'll definitely be back!!!

Robert G.

The pizza is so good! I've had the pizza in Chicago and this place has the best pizza in Texas!!

In the Press

In the Press

...After I had it for the first time about a year ago, I had been begging my family for any excuse to go back. I admit, as happy as Luigi’s pie had made my taste buds, I was also driven a little by nostalgia. The bright red sauce had the same zesty, sugary kick and the crust the same floury fluffiness as that of a long-defunct restaurant from the Northeastern Italian-American neighborhood of my youth. (R.I.P., Del’s!) And the cheese. Luigi’s mozzarella forms a uniform blanket of juicy, glistening whiteness that, once tasted, clings to your soul and, once ingested, clings to your bones.

The servings aren’t chintzy either. This is large pizza the way large pizza is meant to be: 16 inches and with some heft to it. I’ll even go as far as to say skip the toppings. No kidding. As tasty as pepperoni, Italian sausage, hamburger, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, green and black olives, anchovies, and jalapeños sound, they would only accidentally blaspheme the scrumptious, heaven-sent marriage of bread, sauce, and cheese regularly spun serenade-like from Luigi’s oven. A large cheese is also only about 11 bucks. The $5 saved from choosing Luigi’s over Cork & Pig or Fireside Pies can go toward gas money...

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